How to Use Technology to Market Real Estate

MDon’t be intimidated

Technology was supposed to have simplified life for everyone, although it did complicate it in some ways, especially for those who allowed it to take over. For the smart consumers who stayed in control, technology helped them get organized and get ahead in life, such as with their investments. Don’t just think of the stock market, as technology can be, and has been, just as useful for real estate investments. The process of buying and selling homes has changed dramatically over the last decade, mostly because buyers are able to take virtual tours of homes’ interiors to get a feel for each, thereby saving precious time and energy.

Don’t miss out

A property that seemingly has what a buyer wants can make it on the “to visit” list, and all others can be quickly viewed and excluded. Virtual tours are now possible on a PC, laptop, Smartphone, tablets, and electronic devices that have an Internet connection. Real estate agents have websites of their own to show their listings and offer their services to potential clients, in addition to broker’s who demonstrate their own agents’ listings on the whole. One of the most interesting and notable changes to the real estate market is the fact that a potential buyer, or curious neighbor, could enter the addresses of homes for sale on a portable electronic device, and get all the information on each property, including the price, in an instant.

There is no time to waste, and no deal to be lost any longer. This really helps buyers make a move on a property, quickly and effectively, and allows them to easily contact the listing agents to set up appointments or ask any question that comes to mind, by way of telephone, cell phone, email or text messaging. Social media is another effective tool that real estate agents and buyers use. For instance, a listing can go viral, so to speak, when an agent shares videos and photos of listings. These listings automatically get more attention, and this has helped agents move more inventory, even in tough economic times. The platforms, which include Facebook and Twitter, among many more, broaden the audience, thereby rendering excellent results in many cases. Quite simply, fans and followers become potential buyers or sellers.

Know that you can do it

Certainly, when a technique works for the professionals, it can be just as effective for the average homeowner who wants to sell his home quickly, and at the best possible price, and without an agent. Joining forums on the topic has also proven to be successful, where other vendors, purchasers, and Realtors provide their experiences.

The bottom line is that things change, especially when technology steps up to the plate. If you aren’t willing to change with the times, then you’ll be left behind, and in the game of selling or buying a property, you could lose out. The best thing you can do is use every available tool, but it can be overwhelming for an amateur. In such a case, at least use one or two methods that are really popular.

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This post was written by Norm Paradis, real estate investor and assistant to a top realtor in Edmonton, Alberta. at


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