5 Best Floor Options for Kitchens

30.-kitchen-flooringEveryone wishes to have a fantastic looking kitchen and thus, most of the homeowners tend to spend with open hearts when it comes to designing and decorating their kitchen. However, you ought to be specific with every aspect of kitchen designing and flooring is one of the most pivotal of all. Here are five best floor options for kitchens:

1.    Hardwood
Whether solid or engineered, hardwood flooring certainly is the finest to have in your kitchen. It offers a reliable look complementing amazingly well with the other areas of home particularly open kitchen flooring. It offers a rich accentuation with the kitchen cabinetry with its beauty.

2.    Laminate
It is one of the excellent choices for kitchen and is highly scratch resistant as well compared to hardwood flooring. Further, the greatest advantage of laminate is that it is less expensive. Most importantly, you can work with laminate on your own without the help of an expert. Nowadays, laminates are available in various styles and looks too ranging from mystic woods to hand scraped to faux tiling. Here, make sure that do not blunder the classic Pergo flooring with the laminates available today. Lastly, avoid leaving the sanding water on your laminate flooring for days, as it can deteriorate the flooring.

3.    Stone & Tile
Virtually unbreakable, stone and tile go well with loads of kitchen decors. The look and durability factors of tiles and stones make them one of the best floor options for kitchen. Most of the manufacturers today offer a wide range of styles and impressive patterns of different sizes. You can find some with combined accents to make your kitchen appear unique.

4.    Vinyl Tile
Also known as luxury or lavish vinyl tile, it includes the actual vinyl that appears like the real wood. In fact, it is quite difficult to identify it from distance. Vinyl tile planks are available in width size from three inches to six inches with lengths ranging from 36 to 48. Further, these come in a wide range of sizes depending on the requirements.

5.    Cork
You already might have heard about cork. In fact, cork provides a unique look and is highly durable as well as environment friendly similar to bamboo. Further, the floating aspect makes it easy to install, which saves great amount of money that you otherwise might spend on labor.

These are five amazing and best floor options for a modern kitchen to make it appear impressive, inviting and highly comfortable for you to move around.

Manoj Goure writes articles on home interior. You can find more articles on www.rugsandblinds.com.

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