Home Improvements That are Guaranteed to Increase House Value

shower_enclosures_rightWhen it comes to spending money on your house, you want to know that the improvements you make are a truly good investment.  The right home improvements will not only let you enjoy your property in new ways for years to come, but also add substantial value on to your property.  If you can find that ideal point where your home improvements can pay for themselves or even gain you a profit if you sell your property, then you know you’re onto a winner.

Home improvements that add significant value are those which are both permanent and add a tangible benefit.  Anything that creates an extra room for example, will increase the base value of the property, as will anything that reduces energy bills or leaves the new owner with facilities that wouldn’t otherwise have come with the house.  Here we look at some home improvements guaranteed to increase the value of your house.

Loft Conversions

Converting your loft space into a bedroom or other living space is one clear way to boost the house’s value.  A four bedroom house is always going to be more desirable than a three bedroom house with a load of musty storage space above it, after all.  Naturally, a loft conversion also gives you the use of that extra room if you aren’t planning on selling any time soon, so can be doubly beneficial for growing families or if you’d simply like a room you can use as an office, gym, studio, or just about anything else!


A conservatory is the classic home improvement when it comes to increasing property value.  It adds an additional living space to the property and also makes it look substantially larger from the outside.  It can also make your garden more appealing to buyers as the light and view can be enjoyed all year round.

Fitted Kitchens

Another home improvement that enhances property selling value is a good, coordinated fitted kitchen.  This is partly because you will have to leave all of the appliances behind when you move out, meaning the buyer gets a full kitchen with the house rather than an empty room!  If you are investing in a fitted kitchen for your own use but think you might sell within a few years, choosing a fairly neutral design that most people would be happy to live with is a better option than something particularly stylised, which some buyers may want to replace right away for personal taste reasons and therefore won’t see as a value add.

Replacement Windows

If your house isn’t currently double glazed, or you have old double glazing that isn’t as secure or energy efficient as more modern designs, replacement windows can vastly improve your house’s value as well as desirability.  With people more and more concerned with energy saving measures, windows which cause drafts are really only acceptable to buyers on listed buildings where replacing windows is not permitted.  If you are concerned about maintaining the period look of a house, you can get some great wood effect UPVC windows designed to look like sash windows and other older window styles, so you can have the advantages of modern windows without ruining the style of the house.

Swimming Pools

While for many, owning a house with a swimming pool is something of a dream, if you have the space and the money, adding a pool to your property can significantly increase the value.  While heated indoor pools are obviously the most desirable for people in the UK, outdoor pools are more popular than you might think, and above ground styles are growing in popularity in Britain too.  Hot tubs are also something of a growing trend, so if you don’t have the room or budget for a pool this could be an improvement that allows you to enjoy relaxing in water year round while still giving your home a valuable and appealing new feature.

While all of these ideas are great and financially sound, it is of course important to note that though increasing the value of your home is a great bonus, unless you are specifically renovating your home to sell, the most important thing is to choose improvements you will enjoy or see benefits from while you are living in your property.

For help with a loft conversion, Manchester is a city full of companies who can help you to increase the value of your home. So if you want to make use of the space in your loft, contact one today and see just how they can help you.


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