6 Ways to Make Your House A Home


Where you live should be more than just a place where you sleep and change your clothes. Having a place that truly feels like a home does wonders for your happiness and sense of well-being. When you first move into a new house or apartment it can seem overwhelming, and as time goes by you build up clutter and habits that you simply get used to. Whether you have just moved in to a new place or want to make an existing space into somewhere you will enjoy coming home to, these tips will help you transform your residence.

1. Make a Plan

Take a look at the furniture, accessories and ornaments you already have. Try to take a step back and look at them with a critical eye. Are there any items that you don’t like and are just using because they’re good enough? Replacing just a few generic pieces with things you really love can make a big difference.

2. Invest in Artwork

Bare walls are one of those things that make any space feel like a showroom. Artwork doesn’t have to be expensive – look for student artists, check out thrift stores or buy some paint and make your own!

3. Display Your Memories

Photographs of your loved ones, noticeboards with fliers and cinema tickets and putting other memories on display are a quick and easy way to put your stamp on your home. Being surrounded by reminders of good times and great experiences will lift your heart and brighten your day.

4. Freshen the Paintwork

A new coat of paint can transform any room, and help to take away that show-room quality many places have when you first move in. Even the process of painting the walls yourself can help you to realize that this is your new home and lead you to feel more secure and settled in.

5. Reflect Your Hobbies and Passions

Don’t be afraid to ignore home decorating magazines and other authorities. A home is somewhere that you love and you feel comfortable. Maybe Martha Stewart would look askance at your old guitar in pride of place over the fire, but she isn’t the one who will be living there!

6. Invest in Beauty and Quality

Having a few really beautiful and high-quality pieces of furniture can completely transform your living space. A custom dining table from the Amish Outlet Store isn’t just a great piece of furniture, it’s a reflection of your personality and something you will cherish for years to come. Making the investment in handcrafted pieces of furniture is well worth it and can bring beauty and comfort to any home.

Adrienne is a blogger and aspiring writer. When she’s not blogging about tech and social media, you might find her practicing her French, whipping up some recipes she found on Pinterest, or obsessing over vintage postcards and stamps.


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