Tips For Garage Storage


Many houses now days have more than one car garage that never seems to have any vehicles parked inside of them. Instead of using the space so you can cover and shield your vehicles from the direct sunlight and bad weather conditions, it has become more of a home to a collection of gardening equipment and tools which we no longer use, but tend to throw away. It’s a very complicated process to be able to navigate your way through all the clutter in your garage to find what you are looking for. Normally what happens is, people decide to start with edging between the various boxes that are stacked up as well as all the miscellaneous equipment.

But if the owner of the home is very lucky, they may be able to remember where those items were last found, or in which box it might have been put in. Often it can sometimes be known as a process for eliminating what could possibly be involved when knowing what goes into a garage during specific periods of time.

Below is a list of some useful tips to help organize your garage into a storage area:

1.      Get the basics right

You have to organize your garage storage so that you can start using the correct tools and equipment. In most cases, these tools include shelves, storage bins and also hooks.

2.      Get rid of unnecessary clutter

If there is something inside of your garage that hasn’t been used in over three years, there is a good chance that this will never ever be used again, so the best way to go about is to spend a few days to sort through all the clutter and remove what is not necessary.  After you have done this, start to pack away those into your car and take it to the nearest recycling area. You will have a better idea once this has all been done of what you have to tackle.

3.      Have a plan in mind

Always make sure you measure the space before you make any buying decisions, so that you at least know or have an idea of how much space you have to work with. It’s pointless in buying storage equipment that won’t fit into the spaces that is available to you.

4.      Make a decision on the storage options

The best space saver is called a vertical storage, which means it can get you boxes as well as equipment off the floor wherever possible. I highly recommend that you take the time to invest in storage shelves that will turn your wall space into storage space.

Friedl Gertse has his own modular wire shelving solutions that are manufactured to meet the highest of standards. 


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