Home Elevators are No Longer Just for Luxury Homes

Home elevators allow many people to stay in their homes by eliminating the need to climb stairs. This may provide many more enjoyable years of independent living to thousands of people. Professional Elevator Company has an extensive line of residential elevators. We are not just an elevator company, as we also install stair chairs, wheelchair lifts, dumbwaiters and handicapped accessibility products. Whether you are elderly, disabled or just recuperating, we can meet your needs. We provide service to the state of California and major cities in Arizona and Nevada.

Home Elevators are No Longer Restricted to Luxury Homes

Home elevators can provide access to all floors of a multi-story home. They are not just for commercial buildings or luxury homes. Modern manufacturing methods have made them practical for residences. Investment in a home elevator significantly enhances the value of a home. Home elevators are now affordable and come with various options. They are available with screw-drive, hydraulic drive and winding-drum options. All models conform to the highest safety standards.

Home elevators can be incorporated in new construction of homes or in a renovation of an existing home. They can be installed outside an exterior wall to preserve existing space in a home. Our elevator installers are skilled in all phases of elevator installation.

Stair Chairs and Chair Lifts

Stair chairs and lifts are a less expensive way to reach the second floor. They are available in straight-rail and curved-rail models to accommodate virtually any stairway. They are battery-operated to avoid being stranded during a power outage. The battery is kept fully charged by a built-in battery charger that is plugged into any household outlet. The chairs fold out of the way to avoid obstructing the stairway. The seat height is adjustable. Installation can be on either side of the stairway. The seat design provides safety and comfort. Outdoor models are available that accommodate 400 pounds.

Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts are available for vertical or incline installation in homes or commercial buildings. They allow people confined to wheelchairs access to upper floors. The vertical model operates like an elevator. The incline model can transport wheelchairs up a stairway.


Dumbwaiters have been around a long time. Some say that they were invented by Thomas Jefferson. Indisputably, mechanical dumbwaiters were installed in his Monticello home. The servants used them to bring wine from the basement. Our dumbwaiters incorporate state-of-the-art technology to provide smooth, reliable operation. They can be used to transport heavy or bulky materials from floor to floor; laundry, heavy boxes, groceries, prepared food and even firewood. A wide range of standard designs are available, or we can provide a custom design to meet your special needs.

Emergency Repair Service is Available 24/7

Although our products are very reliable, we know that prompt repair service is essential. We provide emergency repair service 24/7 for all of our elevator and lift installations. Our factory-trained technicians are supported by our parts department and field supervisors. For your protection, all of our technicians are fully licensed and insured. For prompt service, call us at 888-257-5576. You will find that all our personnel are prompt, courteous and professional. We have more than 35 personnel who are factory-trained as service technicians and elevator installers. They are digitally-dispatched promptly to meet your needs. Your satisfaction is their number one priority.

We are an accredited member of the National Association of Elevator Contractors.

Professional Elevator Company stands ready to install the finest elevator and lift products available, from home and multi-story residential building elevators, to stair chairs and wheelchair lifts and dumbwaiters. We guarantee 100% satisfaction. Call us today.

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One thought on “Home Elevators are No Longer Just for Luxury Homes

  1. Thanks for posting. Yes, a home elevator is no longer considered a luxury. With an aging population and accessibility planning for all, everyone can use the elevator including the injured or people on wheelchairs.

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