Top 7 Timeless Classic Materials For Kitchen Countertops

kitchen countertopsThe role of the kitchen in our homes has transformed significantly over the years, transcending from the simple space where you prepared food to the focal point of a home. In fact, if we were the examine the recent surveys, we would discover that the kitchen is the section of the house where, in addition to cooking, people indulge in other activities as well, such as entertainment, socializing and even working.

Considering the new responsibilities of the kitchen, as a homeowner you should do your best to ensure the room is well prepared for assuming its latest roles. And, what better way to rehash the décor of the kitchen than by changing your counter tops. Even though this modification is rather expensive and you need to establish a decent budget for it, the results are totally worth going through with the idea.

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It is important to note that the following materials are not just hot now, but they will also guarantee a fresh and modern look of the kitchen for at least the next 10 years. Moreover, they are highly versatile and can be molded into any style and design you have in mind. In addition, they adhere to the sustainability principles, a standard that has become the trademark of modern home design and furniture. Let’s review the materials that constitute an excellent choice for any contemporary kitchen.

  • Concrete

Nothing says style, strength or timeless better than a concrete kitchen countertop. In spite of the fact that making concrete into an ideal kitchen material might require several sealing coatings, the end result is absolutely amazing considering that this element has a tendency of improving with age, similar to wood. In addition, because concrete is affordable, it also constitutes a wise choice for families with a tight budget.

  • Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood has received a lot of attention lately, not only due to the sustainable nature of this material, but also because older wood is actually more resilient and sturdier than most of the alternatives. While you might feel tempted to think that all the hype around the reclaimed wood comes from the green attitude everyone has adopted lately, this idea is only half true. In addition to doing your part for the environment, reclaimed wood also confers a casual elegance no other material can match.

  • Stainless steel

Those of you who aim to create an ultra modern style in the kitchen that matches the contemporary look of your home, should consider stainless steel kitchen countertops. Unlike concrete and wood, stainless steel countertops are much more resistant to water, microorganisms and heat, making it the best material for homeowners who enjoy cooking and testing their chef skills. However, because the surface of the material makes finger marks very noticeable, you will need to perform a bit of maintenance in order to get that seamless, perfect look.

  • Recycled glass

Recycled glass is a further noteworthy option available to you in case you decide to become more socially responsible. Easy to care for, maintain and clean as well as available in wide array of styles, patterns and colors, the recycled glass makes a great choice for budget conscious homemakers as it is cheaper than stone materials. While it is true that in order to keep its appeal and functionality you will need to reseal it every few years, it is also necessary to mention that recycled glass has a lifespan of over fifty years.

  • Soapstone

Available in a beautiful grey shade with a matte look, the soapstone is the new kid on the block in the kitchen countertop industry. Even though natural soapstone integrates a high amount of talc which makes it a rather soft stone, the version of the material used for countertops is combined with quartz and that makes it considerably sturdier. Despite the fact that it comes in one shade of grey, it is necessary to mention that soapstone ages quite well and gains an appealing darker color over time.

  • Pewter

If you’re aiming for a kitchen décor that combines modern and vintage together, then pewter is an excellent material for that. With a gentler look that stainless steel and not as brash as chrome, pewter is the ideal material to make the transition from antique kitchen furniture to ultra modern equipment, as it binds them together harmoniously.

  • Quartz

Vastly available, highly resilient and available in a plethora of colors, quartz constitutes the best material for homeowners who always dreamed of a mineral countertop, but didn’t like granite. Unlike the other stone materials on the list, quartz does not require sealing, cleaning it is much easier and it comes with that unique look granite can’t offer.

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