Happy Thanksgiving from Smallman Construction and Electric

What to Write in a Thanksgiving Card

Thanksgiving message ideas for your card, text message, Facebook Status Update, etc. can be adapted from the Thanksgiving card message examples on this page.

Wondering what to write in a Thanksgiving card? Thanksgiving cards are great for when you can’t make it to Thanksgiving dinner. Figuring out a special and uniqueThanksgiving card message for relatives, friends, or other loved ones can be a challenge. Be thankful for the internet to help you know what to write in your Thanksgiving card.

Use these Thanksgiving card message idea samples to help you with writing your card message. Combine them or change them as you need to make them fit you and those you are sending the card.

Thanksgiving Card Messages

1. “We have much to be thankful for in this family. Our family has been blessed. Happy Thanksgiving.”

2. “I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving.”

3. “I wish I could be with you this Thanksgiving.”

4. “I hope you are blessed with many reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving.”

5. “Happy Turkey Day.”

6. “I am thankful for good friends like you this Thanksgiving.”

7. “May you have an abundance of things to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving.”

8. “I am thankful for the excuse to see familiy like you at this time of the year.”

9. “I am very thankful for you and our relationship that God has blessed us with. We have so much and I look forward to the many more blessings God has in store for us.” -Inspirational Thanksgiving message for significant other

Thanksgiving Message for a Turkey

What do you think this guy is thankful for on Thanksgiving?  Just to be alive, if he makes it that long.

What do you think this guy is thankful for on Thanksgiving? Just to be alive, if he makes it that long.

Funny Thanksgivng Card Messages

1. “The two best parts of Thanksgiving come after the Thanksgivng dinner… The nap and the leftovers.”

2. “I’m thankful that Thanksgiving comes only once a year. Too much of a good thing can be bad, like pumpkin pie or family.”

3. “Thank goodness it’s thanksgiving.”

4. “Remember the true meaning of Thanksgiving this year

5. “Two parts to Thanksgiving. The thanks part and the giving part. It’s a cyclical mystery.”

6. “I’m thankful for not having to sit at the ‘kid’ table at Thanksgiving this year.”

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes


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