Winter Growing Abilities: Winter Gardening

A winter garden provides many benefits and is a great addition to every home. Many believe that gardening must cease once the first frost hits, but that simply is not true. There are several ways that gardeners can enjoy the wonders of gardening year round including the use of solar greenhouses, growing plants indoors with containers, and planting crops that do well in outside, cool temperatures. Gardeners may take additional steps to protect outdoor plants and crops from frost. Due to the variety of ways in which winter gardening may be accomplished, everyone can continue growing plants, vegetables, herbs, and fruit during the winter months. A variety of plants may be grown during winter and gardeners that take advantage of these opportunities enjoy many benefits.

Benefits of Having a Winter Garden

There are several benefits to having a winter garden and these are health and emotional related as well as economical. Winter gardening is cost effective as those who grow their own herbs and vegetables can save on grocery store prices. During the winter months, most stores and fruit stands tend to increase the prices on herbs, fruits, and vegetables. You can stave off these prices by growing your own produce.

Another benefit to winter gardening is the added exercise. As most people tend to stay indoors longer in winter than they do during summer seasons, winter gardening is a good excuse to get outside and be active. Additional benefits have to do with the produce. Those who harvest healthy fruits and vegetables during the winter months are often eating more greens than those purchasing them at stores. The access to nutrient rich vegetables during the winter months can help ward off sickness, improve the immune system, and keep the body running at optimum level.

Winter gardening also provides emotional benefits. Winter gardening can add beauty and fragrance to the season. For many, the beauty of spring and summer consists of the abundance of flowers in bloom. When neighborhoods are blanketed by white snow and days are darkened, there is an increase for depression in some people. Adding flowers to the environment is pleasing to the senses and can help lift a dreary mood. Those with flowers in bloom in their winter gardens may choose to cut flowers and bring them inside or give them to others as gifts in what is truly an appreciated gesture. There is no questioning that the benefits of winter gardening are vast.


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