Why Are Great Photos So Important When Selling Your Home?

Pictures can say more than words.  Great photos are the most important thing that you can use to market your home.

Most buyers start their search online, so listings that don’t have a photo or have a poor quality one will usually get ignored.

Tips for great photos


The first and most important photo is of the front of your home. Crop the surrounding pavement, vehicles in the drive and the front garden that can distract from the front of the building. Angle your shots and go as close as you can.

Get a wide shot of the front of the house and make sure that you take photos of good selling points like the garage, or special features like the front porch.

Take your shots on a sunny day, with blue sky to give the best photos. You should aim to have the sun shining from behind you (so you might want to time it when you take the pictures), and avoid pointing into the sun. However if your house faces north, you might want to take the photo on a cloudy day to avoid glare.

If your property doesn’t have its own garden, but shares amenities like a swimming pool or communal garden, then include photos of these. Emphasize the space of your garden by shooting low and long. Make sure that the garden is looking its best: mow the lawn and prune any straggling shrubs.


Some people suggest taking interior shots of all the rooms, some recommend just taking photos of the main living areas. Bedroom photos don’t always mean much unless there is a special feature like a picturesque fireplace. Bathrooms can be tricky as they are usually so small and you need to be careful not to catch the reflection in mirrors.

The most important rooms to photograph are the living room, kitchen, dining room, breakfast area and any other living area or maybe a different angle on the living room. If the hall or stairway area has any special features, then this might be worth including, along with bedrooms or any other rooms that might in some way capture the essence of the home.

To get the best shots, make sure the windows are open, curtains drawn back and blinds pulled up. Even better if there is a view, capture this as well as the room inside. However be very careful that your light meter doesn’t over-compensate for the brightness of the light from the window. You can avoid the problem by taking a photo when it’s not so bright outside, when it’s overcast or at sunset or sunrise. Best to take photos without the flash but experiment with and without it, as sometimes the flash helps brighten the inside and overcomes the problem of bright light coming in the windows.

Clear away any clutter – add floral arrangements to brighten up the room, close the toilet lid- all these little details can make your shots look great.

Move the furniture to show off the room to its best advantage. If you have a narrow hallway, maybe you can focus on an interesting or unusual detail rather than emphasizing what might be a weakness.

Make sure the photos that you use are of the best quality. If you can’t take them yourself, then get a professional in for you. Nothing is more off-putting than a poor photo that is badly composed or badly exposed. Be careful of shooting in the bathroom and catching your reflection in the mirror.

Take ‘landscape’ rather than vertical shots, as this will ensure that there’s no distortion to the photo when you upload it on the internet.


Whatever you do, DON’T upload badly shot photos online as this will have the opposite effect.  Avoid photos that show rooms that are cluttered, dark, show pets and children and don’t show off your home to the best possible advantage.

Great photos of your home can be the most important marketing tool you use for selling your home. They show off the place and can attract the buyer to come and have a look. For advice on how to take great photographs of you home when selling in Hertfordshire visit the http://www.harrycharles.co.uk/ website.

Image Credits: marimoon and h&b {lea}

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