Should I Have my Garage Converted?

What Can I Expect in Taking on a Garage Conversion?

A garage conversion can be an excellent way to add both space and value to your home at an often drastically lower price than having an extension put in. Of course there are a variety of setbacks, expenses and reasons why a garage conversion might not be for you. Here we look at some of the lesser problems that can arise from having a garage conversion installed (aside from where to put your car).

Windows Required

One aspect of many common garages is that they don’t have windows. As a result you’re going to have a very dark new room unless you have a window installed. This can end up being one of the major unexpected expenses in the build as not only will you have to pay for the new window, you will also have to pay to have it fitted and have the wall cut out to make way for it. As a result, you should always make sure to factor this into the budget before getting started.

Sound Proofing and Insulation

While used as a garage you won’t spend much time in the room, other than parking and driving out. If for instance you have it converted into a child’s bedroom or DIY room however, then the noise is going to increase considerably and most garage builds are not equipped with the soundproofing found throughout the rest of your home.

Furthermore, it is likely to be quite cold due to poor insulation meaning it will have to be fully insulated before it’s anywhere near suitable as a bedroom or dining room.

This will be quite a large scale undertaking, requiring the fitting of insulation and soundproofing in each walls and even ceiling. One other option that you might have to consider is under-floor heating.

These are all expenses that will add up considerably and have to be accounted for.

Planning Permission

Dependant on the extent of the conversion, you may be forced to apply for planning permission. This will generally apply if the dimensions of the garage are to be changed in any way.

Fortunately this is an area that home improvement companies can provide assistance with and in many cases, take care of entirely. This can incur additional costs to yourself but dependant on the company taking care of your build, the costs may be covered by the total quote for the conversion.

What to Make of It

While this can incur a great deal of additional expense, the quality of the conversion will improve dramatically. With better insulation, soundproofing and further additions such as window installations the conversion will be suitable for almost any use ranging from a new bedroom, to a dining room or even as a home gym.

Your conversion is what you make of it.

Roger Hammet is a professional joiner. He has worked on a variety of garage conversions and quality home improvements.

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