Preparing Your Yard & Garden for Fall: 5 Things to Do Now

by E. Spencer Toy

Here are the 5 projects we need to tackle and maybe you do too!

1. Do some late summer landscaping, such as adding fresh gravel or stepping stones to walking areas and some fall planting.

Here are a few great articles I found on easy-care fall landscaping that might inspire you as much as they did me! It is not too late to improve your yard!

Better Homes & Gardens

2. Freshen and Touch Up Exterior Paint.

Bloggers like to paint interior furniture and accessories to make them pretty, but now is a great time to do some routine maintenance and touch up paint on the exterior of your home, including fences, garage doors, and the front steps. Fresh paint will not only protect exposed wood and siding from the elements, but fresh paint will increase the value of your home. And caulking around windows and doors needs to be done before it starts raining!

Here is a helpful article on how to paint the exterior items around your home:

3. Clean all patios, furniture and outdoor umbrellas from all the pollen and dirt collected over the summer.

If the climate in your area is favorable, you can still enjoy a few more weeks of using your furniture (all clean!) before you put the furniture away or cover it for the winter.

Need some tips on how to clean your outdoor furniture? I’m happy to share a couple of articles I found!

Better Homes & Gardens

4. Clean your garage or shed and make room for outdoor patio cushions, garden tools & accessories.

Ok, so if you garage is a little scary right now, how about cleaning it up before the weather turns cold and wet and you have to risk life and limb to venture out there in the cold months?  I’ll admit our garage is a real hazard, which is why I’m mentioning this tip. Ok actually I’m hoping my husband is reading this and will get the hint. While you are cleaning up the garage or shed, make sure you you set aside some space to put your outdoor accessories and cushions when you are ready to pack them away for the winter months.

Here is an inspiring article from Better Homes & Gardens:

5. Clean Your Gutters and Downspouts.

I know, this is the tip no one really wants to think about but everyone who owns a house needs to deal with. It is the project we dread…cleaning gutters and downspouts. Yes, that is a picture of our dirty gutter with a tree growing out of it. A TREE!!! Cleaning out and wiping off gutters when the skies are blue is much more fun (fun?) than when it is freezing and pouring down rain. And of course, by cleaning out your gutters you will save yourself possibly thousands of dollars of potential damage around your home from clogged drains.

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